Trading strategies

Choose the trading strategy that suits you best and take your trading to the next level with even higher income!

Trading methods that traders use

All trading strategies are based on four methods of trading on exchanges. They all differ in duration and other criteria, so you need to consider your personality as well as trading skills.


Is it necessary to use trading strategies?

Each trader uses one or more trading strategies. Reckless trading without a specific plan can lead to a complete loss of the deposit.

What is fundamental analysis?

It is a forecasting method in which financial, production and other indicators are studied. Investors use fundamental analysis to assess the value of a company. Traders also pay attention to important meetings, body statements, and data releases.

What is technical analysis?

It is a set of tools that helps predict the movement of value based on the patterns of price behavior in the previous similar periods. The analysis is based on charts of the "charts" or Depth of Market values.