Choose stocks of world famous companies or those who just went public. Get profit from trading or dividends!

What are shares?

Shares are a type of securities. Companies release them in order to attract additional funds for their development and expansion. Shareholders (investors, stock holders) make a profit from regular dividend payments (a certain percentage of the company’s profit), and traders speculate on the value of shares.

Benefits of owning stocks

It is more profitable to hold stocks than other securities, such as bonds
You can participate in the management of the company (if you own a certain percentage of their shares)
It is not necessary to open large positions, you can buy several shares
Permanent income in the form of dividends if you open a long position

How to make money investing in stocks?

You can profit from dividends and stock speculation. You can sell securities using the standard method (buy cheaper – sell at a higher price), or play short.

The second method assumes that you predict a fall in the price of an asset and sell it, and then with the money received, you buy it again only at a lower price. Thus, you can purchase a larger volume of shares than your initial position was.

How to choose a stock to buy?

There are several points that you should consider when choosing these securities:
The financial situation of the company -
once a quarter, each company reports to its shareholders on profitability, and also once a year sums up the results. Find out about revenue, net profit, condition of capital, as well as EBITDA.
Dividends -
not all companies pay them, so it's better asking in advance if your chosen company pays them. You should also find out the regularity and the approximate percentage of payments, this can be found in the company's dividend policy.
Liquidity -
shows the relevance of the company and how quickly you can sell their shares. The higher liquidity, the more popular the asset.
Growth potential of stocks -
if you plan to speculate shares, then you should pay attention to their value and upside potential. Analysts are constantly making predictions about the future movement of securities (rise or fall).
Business growth potential -
in addition to reporting, you should also familiarize yourself with the company's strategy (plans for future). Due to it, you can find out how many products are going to sell, what profit they plan, in what assets they will invest, and so on.

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