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What are futures?

A futures contract is an agreement for the supply of an asset at a predetermined price and within a specific time frame. The underlying asset of a futures contract can be agricultural products, non-ferrous and precious metals, energy resources, securities, etc.

Why Trade Futures?

Best trade

Track futures prices in real time and make profitable trades.

Trading with futures spreads

Simultaneously open buy / sell positions within one ticket.

Trading with Depth of Market

Track and manage all your open positions based on the order book.

How do futures work?

These contracts are bought and sold in the markets at a specific price that can change. Traders make a profit on futures trading due to the difference in value, that is, they buy cheaper and sell more expensive. When trading futures, both parties (buyer and seller) are responsible, and the exchange acts as a guarantor.

After buyig the contract, the exchange freezes the amount of the futures value from both the buyer and the seller. If there is not enough money on the account, the broker must control the replenishment of his client’s account. If this is not possible, then the operation will be closed according to the margin call rules (the broker closes part of the positions at the market value).  

Types of futures

Cash-settled futures contract
This type of contract is beneficial because sales are always higher than value. This is due to the fact that the contract does not provide delivery features (the price and date of payment are fixed).
Delivery Futures Contract
Focused on the delivery date on time with a fixed cost. The seller undertakes to deliver the goods within the specified time frame, if this does not happen, he will be fined.

Have you already chosen futures to trade?

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