Open long and short positions in 300+ instruments with minimal spreads and low commissions. Trade CFDs without buying the underlying asset!

What is CFD?

A CFD or Contract for Difference is an agreement between two parties (buyer and seller). According to the contract, the buyer receives a profitable price difference between the opening and closing of the transaction from the seller. If the asset, on the contrary, has fallen in price, then the difference receives the seller.
You can trade CFDs on stocks, indices, currency pairs and other assets without buying the asset itself. The most important thing is that you are not only a full-fledged participant in trades, but you can also receive income both on the growth and on the fall of the asset.

Benefits of CFDs

No commissions as you are not buying the underlying asset.
You can use leverage to increase your profits.
You can hedge to minimize losses.
CFDs are always relevant, because in the market, after a rise, there is always a fall.

Duration of CFDs

Most contracts do not have fixed expiration dates, that is, to some extent, the term is not limited. Trades are closed only in the opposite situation. For example, you can close an order to buy 100 CFDs on gold only by selling those CFDs.

CFDs are traded within one trading day. If you want to roll over your open position to the next day, then you will be charged a commission.

How to trade CFDs?

There are many different strategies, both complex and simple. We will show you several ways of trading that are suitable for novice traders.
1. Long position
When using this strategy, a trader buys an asset with the expectation that it will grow in the future. Traders who correctly predicted the price movement receive income even with small fluctuations in value. Positions can be opened based on forecasts for a month or even a year.
2. Short position
This strategy assumes that the trader predicts a reduction in the value of the asset and sells it up to that point. Then, when the price drops, he can buy the same asset again, but at a significantly cheaper price. In case of an unsuccessful forecast, if its value has risen, the trader will incur losses.

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